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Why Drive an Automatic?


An automatic car changes gears for you, which gives you less work to do whilst driving. There can be many reasons why someone chooses to learn in an automatic as opposed to a manual gearbox car. Sometimes the reason is simply that it's easier or it could be that after several lessons in a manual you've found that the use of gears, especially in traffic or when parking, is too tiresome.


Reasons to choose an automic over a manual:

  • Driving is easier as there is less for you to do
  • Driving in traffic is less tiresome as you're not having to constantly change in and out of gear
  • Driving is smoother as gear changes are automatically done at the correct time
  • Modern automatics are often more fuel efficient than manuals
  • No chance of stalling (especially good for hill starts)

Whatever your reason for learning to drive in an automatic, JDS Automatic Driving School can help you to become the very best driver possible.

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