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"I'd really like to thank Jo for being such a  great instructor, throughout my driving experience. After learning previously with a different instructor, I then moved to Jo's lessons and found them very fun and feel i progressed very quickly. 


"She helped me to focus on the how to improve in specific areas, with a calm approach and was never judgemental, a very important trait in a driving instructor, I believe. I tried to practice as much as possible outside of lessons, and Jo's advice has really helped me to improve my driving in all conditions and situations, and I was able to adapt to driving a different car.


"As I was learning during my exams, Jo was very flexible in helping to find suitable times that fitted around my lessons and exam timetable. I would definitely recommend Jo to a friend (and already have!) as her friendliness helped me to feel very relaxed in lessons and her tips and help with all aspects of driving helped me to pass with confidence.


"Thanks again for everything :)"





"Jo has been my driving instructor for the past couple of months. I've had instructors in the past but she is by far my favourite.


"She's very calm and easy to get along with. She's good because she sets up mock tests so you get a feel of what the real thing will be like. I enjoyed the driving experience because of Jo. :)


"I can't thank Jo enough for all the hard work she put in to help me pass. I never thought I would pass in a million years but Jo's such a great driving instuctor! We always had a laugh on our lessons which made me feel relaxed and calm.


"Jo is very patient and supportive which helped me to become confident in my driving. She explained manouvres and things in a way I was able to understand. If I was doing bad or good she was always encouraging and motivating. I've had instructors in the past and she is by far the best one! I highly recommend her...you wont regret it!! :)"


Emma xx



"Joanna is a great instructor to learn to drive with! You go at your own pace and learn about every aspect of driving. She edits the lessons to keep you interested and you always look forward to your lessons.


"Once you become more confident with your own ability you can change the lessons to address what you think your weaknesses are.  She is very honest and will tell you what they are even if you dont think you have any!


"I learnt to drive in 5 months thanks to efficient lessons that covered all aspects that would be featured in my test. She is very funny and easy to get on with; she is the driving instructor you want if you dont want to be stuck in a car with a boring old man for 2 hours. Also, she is brilliant at giving you tips for after you have passed. I took the option to take a motorway lesson after I had passed and it really gave me the confidence to go on it by myself!


"She really is the best instructor to help ensure you drive confidently by yourself for the first time!" 





"Learning to drive is another of life's daunting experiences.  Thankfully, having Joanna as an instructor really helped me along the way.  Having been learning to drive for almost a year, when I moved to Woking I knew I needed to pass my test and have enough lessons to build up my confidence again. 


"I had previously had two male driving instructors so I was particularly pleased to learn that my 3rd driving instructor would be a woman.  Joanna's patience and reliability as a driving instructor kept me very grounded.  Her lessons were always very instructive and she always made me feel confident, even after I would sometimes feel that I had had a bad lesson. 


"Joanna is a very down to earth instructor who makes you feel at ease from the moment you step inside the car.  At all times she was patient and understanding and praised me on my dedication to driving. It has taken me about a year from the time that I started learning to drive with my first instructor to get to the stage where I could take my driving test.   I am glad that it was Joanna who was the instructor that ultimately got me to the test stage and allowed me to pass first time.    I am thrilled to now have passed my test and excited for the independence that this will now give me in my life."


"Thanks Joanna for the lessons and the patience over the last few months.  I recommend Joanna to anyone hoping to pass their test first time."





"My experience of JDS Driving School was a positive one, passed first time! Such was possible due to Jo's ability to clearly instruct and guide me the learner in difficult situations, calm and composed and highly professional, I swiftly picked up the skills required to drive safely and confidently when behind the wheel.
"Overall my experience was a pleasant one; managing to successfully pass my test within the average expectancy learners take before their final exam. Furthermore, astray from the actual driving, my instructor was friendly and charismatic throughout my lessons and other forms of communication.


"Upon the occurrence of necessarily cancelling a lesson on relatively short notice, Jo was understanding and willingly rescheduled my lesson without charging for the cancelation. I would definitely recommend Jo to a friend or somebody looking to learn, thanks Jo, I can truthfully say I enjoyed learning with you, a great instructor, wish you all the best in the future!"



"I am so lucky that Jo can be my instructor and I can promise that Jo is one of the best instructor in UK.


"Her instructions are always clear and easy to understand. Her lessons are on stable and reasonable path. She gave me adequate opportunity to practice every technique and reminds me of my every single fault over and over again.


"Although I am a nervous student, Jo is so patient that I've never be nervous when I drive with her. So if you are a totally beginner or easy to be nervous, like me, Jo definitely is your choice to be your instructor. By the way! She is good at choosing right time for your practical driving test as well. That is a big point for me to pass my test 1st time! I will have no hesitation in recommend Jo and her driving school to anyone who want to pass their test at first time!!!


"Thanks for all your assistance!!!"




"I definitely have Jo to thank for helping me pass my driving test successfully. Jo is friendly, patient, and very methodical with her teaching.


"As I had done most of my previous driving in Australia and only in auto transmission cars, Jo had to thoroughly re-build my old driving techniques to those appropriate for the UK manual driving exam.


"I really appreciated how she structured my lessons: New things were introduced at a pace I can absorb; a lot of time and opportunities given to practise manoeuvres along potential test routes; and at the beginning each lesson recaps to consolidate the previously learned material.


"I found the standard set by Jo to be very high, which is why it was so effective in preparing me for the test. I would definitely recommend Jo to anyone wishing to find an instructor to teach safe and correct driving."




"My instructor was so brilliant that she taught me all the skills within few lessons. Jo is really knowledgeable, friendly, patient and gave clear explanations and step by step techniques for learning manoeuvres.


"Lessons always had clear plans and goals. I hated driving when I first tried with AA and BSM, they are just big names, but soon began to love it after learning with JDS driving school. they really know their stuff and you can tell they are well trained.


"I was not confident in the car at all at first, and after a few lessons with Jo, I passed my practical test with only 4 minors. Thank you very much Jo - You are Genius!!"





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