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Motorway Driving Lessons


Driving on motorways can be daunting to both the novice and the more experienced drivers alike. Everything is faster, which means there is less time to react in an emergency, and quite often, just the thought of a slip road can be enough to put people off.


At JDS Driving School, we can help with everything from the legalities of motorway driving right through to general motorway etiquette. With motorway driving lessons from JDS Driving School, you'll gain all the confidence and understanding necessary to be a safe motorway driver.


Elements within motorway driving lessons from JDS Driving School include:

  • journey planning
  • joining and leaving a motorway
  • using slip roads
  • safe speeds in different circumstances
  • effective observation
  • variable speed limits
  • large goods and passenger vehicles
  • space and vehicle management
  • signs, signals and markings
  • overtaking and lane discipline
  • courtesy to other road users
  • joining and leaving the hard shoulder
  • motorway fatigue
  • breakdown procedures
  • use of lights
  • hazard warning lights
  • debris on the carriageway
  • crosswinds

Motorway driving lessons from JDS Driving School are a quick, easy and useful way to gain confidence and ultimately be safe when driving on motorways. To find out more, contact us today.

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